Our Story

In a world of corporatisation, homogenisation and other bland bastardisations, we all just want to taste something authentic.

Most of us have worked for big successful companies and learnt a helluva lot about how industry works. But the big was getting in the way of our why.

Independent craft to us is an ethos. Representing authenticity, local provenance, and a brave founders spirit. And the little guys have it in spades!

As small operators they struggle to compete with the monopoly on taps and shelf space, big advertising budgets and large sales teams.

So we pulled together a team of like-minded souls, who wanted a crack at changing the model.

To get behind craft in every way. That seems pretty worthwhile to us.

We are helping Australia’s best local makers grow without compromising their authenticity.

Combining strengths to form one powerful collection, with one mighty love of Craft.

When we make their life easier, they can make more of the good stuff.

And that suits everyone just fine.

Cos the only ‘isation' we’re interested in is personalisation.

For the love of craft.

Our team

We’re a reputable team of 21st century adventurers, visionaries and industry leaders bent on supporting the little guys.

Using what we know and who we know, we’re shaking things up so together our craft community may grow and thrive.

Meet our mighty leadership team.

Our Team

What we do

We are building the world’s strongest craft beverage collective by supporting and growing independent craft breweries and distilleries.

By providing industry expertise, business solutions and growth funding we unlock constraints and enable our craft community to thrive.

Stronger together. One mighty independent network or people, products and places.

Mighty Craft was founded in 2017 and is listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX:MCL). If you’re interested in investing and becoming part of the Mighty Craft community, please reach out to our investor relations team.

Investor Relations - Simon Hinsley
NWR Communications
Level 6, 350 Collins Street
Melbourne VIC 3000
Telephone: +61 401 809 653