Brogan’s Way

Making great memories together is at the heart of it all

Where The Mood Takes You

Est. 2018 in Richmond, Victoria

How do you turn a moment into a beautiful memento?

There is a way…

Chill, chat, snuggle, celebrate… Brogan distils moments into flavours, a gin for the mood you are in.

An alchemist who uses art, science and intuition, Brogan trials, tests, tweaks, and repeats until she gets it just right.

Every ingredient has a purpose – to make the moment more memorable. The way it should be.

Evening Light
Royal Blood
Hearts Afire
Everyday Salvation

Brogan’s Way

Not doing what you love wipes the smile from your face. One day you wake up and realise what you really should be doing. For Brogan, it had to be making spirits.

She followed her heart and did things her way. And when all the gins she launched won awards, it was clear getting out of medical science was the right decision.

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Brogan is shy, happier spending time with her babies than out the front. But she often sneaks a peak at people taking their first sip. So next time you visit, keep an eye out for Brogan distilling her way.