Hills Cider Co.

As one of the few cider producers in Australia with complete land to hand control over our product, we have less boundaries and are raising the bar of real cider in Australia.

Handcrafted With 100% Fresh Australian Apples & Pears

Est. 2010 in the Adelaide Hills, South Australia

Intervention throughout production is kept to a minimum, with preference to the integrity and freshness of the fruit paramount at every step.

Our fruit is hand-selected and hand-picked, ensuring the balance and quality of the fruit meets our stringent specifications. We crush and filter our fruit cold, then begin fermentation immediately, to retain flavour, structure and delicate fruit aromatics.

In a sea of ciders made from imported juice concentrate, artificial flavours and colours, we are passionate about crafting a cider utilising only 100% fresh, Australian grown fruit, sourced exclusively from the renowned fruit growing regions of Australia, with absolutely nothing added.

Apple Cider
Pear Cider
Cloudy Apple
Tropical Sour

Celebrating Australian Farmers

Steve Dorman and Toby Kline started making cider in 2010 with the goal of producing Australia’s best cider. From the outset it was important that Hills Cider was produced in a way that celebrated and supported Australian farmers. Our passionate search for Australia’s highest quality fruit led us to our own backyard, the Adelaide Hills, and its generations of apple and pear growers.

A Better Destination – LOT 100

Although a simple statement in writing, the concept of better is a way of life for everyone involved with LOT. 1OO. It’s who we are every day. It’s what we’re striving for. Better liquid, better nourishment, better balance and most of all, sustainability for a better planet.

Nestled on an 84 hectare property in the Adelaide Hills, LOT.1OO has been thoughtfully transformed into the home of five of South Australia’s best, forward-thinking food and craft beverage producers.

A collaborative destination featuring the juxtaposition of industrial vs agricultural is at every turn. From the design impact of the feature building, to the working fruit orchards of the adjacent R Ceravolo & Co property, this unique setting feels like an escape from city and suburban life, despite being a short 25 minute drive from South Australia’s major metropolis of Adelaide.