Mismatch Brewing

Beer with Care. Quality, Sustainability and Community.

Mismatched mates with a common love for great beer

Established 2013, Adelaide, South Australia

Mismatch Brewing Co was founded by six mates with a common love for great beer.

Making better beer has always been the goal. Better quality, more sustainable and for the community are at the cornerstone of every batch brewed.

Beer that does good and can be enjoyed by everyone.

Mismatch Lager
Mismatch Session Ale
Mismatch Pale Ale
Mismatch Strawberry Sour

Some would say he was born for it

Ewan Brewerton (that’s actually his name) started his love affair with beer behind a bar where he worked in the hospitality industry for over 10 years before moving to the UK to study brewing technology. A stint at Little Creatures in sales allowed him to nurture relationships with bottle shops and venues before launching Mismatch Brewing in 2013. 

Cultivating his knowledge over the past decade and a half, Ewan and his team have applied their learnings and brewed some of Australia’s best award-winning beers. They continue to strive to make better beer.

LOT 100 – A better destination

Although a simple statement in writing, the concept of better is a way of life for everyone involved with LOT. 1OO. It’s who we are every day. It’s what we’re striving for. Better liquid, better nourishment, better balance and most of all, sustainability for a better planet.

Nestled on an 84 hectare property in the Adelaide Hills, LOT.1OO has been thoughtfully transformed into the home of five of South Australia’s best, forward-thinking food and craft beverage producers.

A collaborative destination featuring the juxtaposition of industrial vs agricultural is at every turn. From the design impact of the feature building, to the working fruit orchards of the adjacent R Ceravolo & Co property, this unique setting feels like an escape from city and suburban life, despite being a short 25 minute drive from South Australia’s major metropolis of Adelaide.