Raise your can and put your foot down

The Sparkke Story

Est. 2016 in Adelaide, South Australia Sparkke gives a damn about what goes in and on their cans believing that it matters what you consume – and what consumes you. They make 100% natural, award winning beers, ciders, alcoholic ginger beers and hard lemonades. They’re layered, nuanced and seriously delicious!

While they’re proudly founded and led by women, they make beer for everyone. Their diverse genders, minds and tastes makes them bolder, better, richer. Catering for all tastes, ages and genders Sparkke bevvies are frequently lower in alcohol, vegan and/or gluten free. But it doesn’t stop there because what they put on their cans says as much about who they are as what they put inside them.

They get that alcohol has a dark side, but it can also be a solution. It’s not gonna solve your problems, but neither will milk. Sharing a drink is one of social glues of our society, a great conversation starter. And by mixing social with change, they’ve made the conversation a lot more interesting.

Sparkke Apple Cider
Sparkke GIngerCider
Sparkke Hard Lemonade
Sparkke Pale Ale

Meet The Maker

It’s not surprising that Sparkke brewer, Carla Naismith, is deeply passionate about her craft and driven by the company’s ethos of creating 100% natural, highly sessionable brews that are balanced and long on the palette.

A lifelong craft beer nerd, Carla’s interest in brewing took a fully professional turn in early 2017 when she joined Sweet Amber Brewing. In 2018 she began a dialogue with Sparkke that led to her appointment as the company’s assistant brewer in 2019 with a focus on the small batches brewed in the pub’s nano-brewery. In March 2020 Carla became Sparkke’s Brewer.

Sparkke At The Whitmore

Everything Sparkke does at the Whitmore is driven by their passion for excellence. As SA Delicious 100 Best New Restaurant of 2019, and recipients of Keith Neighbour Award for Commercial Architecture and a Heritage Award at the SA Architects Awards 2020, they’re proud to celebrate their talented makers.

Experience brewer Carla Naismith in action at the onsite brewery, taste the award-winning food from our magnificent kitchen and check out the bottleshop.

There’s always something exciting happening at the Whitmore.