A collective greater than the sum of its parts.

The home of five of South Australia’s best, forward-thinking, food and craft beverage producers.

A Better Destination

Although a simple statement in writing, the concept of better is a way of life for everyone involved with LOT. 100. It’s who we are every day.

It’s what we’re striving for. Better liquid, better nourishment, better balance and most of all, sustainability for a better planet.

What is Lot.100

It’s a working craft brewery and small-batch distillery.

It’s a food and beverage destination, featuring the juxtaposition of industrial vs agricultural.

It’s a benchmark project for sustainability and renewable energy.

The Harmony of The Adelaide Hills

On an 84 hectare property nestled away at Hay Valley in the Adelaide Hills, together we’ve slowly and thoughtfully transformed this former cattle pasture into a home for a collective that celebrates craft, sustainability and local produce.

Renewable Solar Energy

1700m2 of solar panels.

LOT. 100 has been designed to utilise the landscape and natural elements to their fullest, and to treat every natural resource on our 84 hectares with respect and intelligence.

Water Waste Treatment and Recycling

There is no resource more valuable than water.

A wastewater treatment plant used to harness two onsite bores was the largest and most important investment during development and planning.

This state of the art reverse osmosis system allows us to purify our water and achieve a closed-loop with every drop.

From bore, through the beer and distillery production processes, to use on the crops and orchards, before the process starts again.

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68 Chambers Road, Hay Valley
South Australia, 5252

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