Better Beer

We live to inspire better times. Better times, shared with better people and better tasting drinks. That is why we call ourselves ‘Better Beer.’

We don’t wait for a better moment, we take a moment and make it instantly better.

Established 2021, Griffith, New South Wales

Quenching your thirst on the perfect summer’s day with mates, an afternoon at the pub or a refreshing sip to share at the family BBQ – Better Beer is about creating better moments with you. It’s the taste of good times and good company.

Better Beer
Better Beer

We’re made by Aussie battlers for Aussie battlers in the humble town of Griffith, New South Wales.

Over the past few years, like many health conscious Aussies, we were on the hunt for a new beer that was, well, better all-round, really and still held up in quality and taste. At Better Beer we don’t take ourselves too seriously but we take brewing beer bloody seriously. That’s why we’ve canned the ultimate Oprah Tinfrey.

Now we know there are endless amounts of beers to choose from, but we promise ours will be the one you actually want to keep in your hand. Here’s why – we’re great tasting, crisp with zero carbs and sugar. Most importantly we’re 100% Aussie owned and brewed. You’re welcome.

We’ve worked hard to bring you a beer that you could drink without worry.

Now, It all started when two of your favourite Aussie battlers from Sydney’s South Coast Matt Ford and Jack Steele from The Inspired Unemployed met Nick Cogger, a health-conscious drink enthusiast from Torquay and talked about beer. They wanted to create the beer that they thought was missing, and that they did.

They took the average beer and said, what can we do to make it better? The answer was simple; remove the bad and add more of the good. The boys & Nick teamed up to create ‘Better Brewing co’ & create their dream beer and what they came up with was a work of art. A refreshing lager that in their words is the “crispiest beer in the world”.