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Mighty CRAFT

Craft is a calling

We are a passionate group of people, distinguished by our love of craft. Craft to us is more about an ethos than a category. Craft is a celebration of creativity, enterprise, and local connection. And this is something we really care about.

What We Do

We make things happen for not just our team, but our partners, suppliers and customers. We believe in giving our people a platform to shine. We are constantly developing opportunities to help our people learn and grow.

There are many diverse roles at Mighty Craft that can help you kickstart an exciting new career. We cultivate passion and creativity, we are a fast-moving team, and no two days are the same in our business.

Our Values

We have a crack

We are bold and fearless, nimble and purposeful. We challenge the status quo.

We shake things up

We are down to earth entrepreneurs. We find and create the ‘new’

We are team players

We are proud locals and global activists. We always look to collaborate and co-create.

We give a damn

We care about people, products and the unique places they’re from

We are direct, real and friendly

We speak about our people, products and places like passionate locals – familiar, personal, and proud.


Or to learn more about career opportunities at Mighty Craft, please email [email protected]