Torquay Beverage Company

Our Brands: NoSH, K.Booch & Spruce Cold Brew.

Riding The Wave

Est. 2018 in Torquay, Victoria

Riding the wave of Australia’s ever-increasing passion for healthier food and drinks, Torquay local and entrepreneur Nick Cogger created ready to serve fermented drinks that are “better for you”.

NoSh Boozy Seltzer

NoSh Boozy Seltzer is not your average seltzer brand. Brewed locally on the Surf Coast, NoSh Boozy Seltzer is low in sugar and carbs, gluten free and vegan friendly and it tastes great too. No Sh*t.

With two fruity flavour varieties – Peach and Pineapple & Mango – your weekend seshes will be sorted.

Over everything? Drink NoSh. No Sh*t.

Spruce Hard Cold Brew

Spruce Hard Cold Brew

One of the only alcoholic beverages on the market with natural energy through caffeine, Spruce Coffee is made using a blend of Brazilian and Colombian coffee beans roasted in Melbourne. Instead of using pressure and heat like a traditional espresso, the ground, roasted coffee is steeped for 20 hours in cold water and then infused with vodka.​Available now exclusively from your local BWS store!



Like any great business. K.BOOCH was born out of innovation. By innovation we mean putting a shot of Gin in with our Home Made Kombucha! It was amazing, but we really wanted a more developed flavour profile. We then attempted to secondary ferment our Kombucha, hoping that this process would addaanother level of depth and flavour to this already fantastic drink. We were right!

K.BOOCH has been created by a love of Kombucha and the beautiful natural flavours of it. We believe it to be a drink that all people will enjoy and we are committed to creating the most delicious Alcoholic Kombucha on the Market using the highest grade juices and ingredients.