Kangaroo Island Spirits

from a different world

Est. 2006 in Kangaroo Island, South Australia

Away from the world, the world’s best spirits are created. Wild and remote, the island is intoxicating. Nature’s unique ingredients forbid ordinary, they demand unforgettable.

No replicas, no shortcuts. Hand-picked ingredients, traditional processes and single runs. Flavours that tell a unique story.

The spirits are amongst the world’s most awarded because they come from a very different world.

Try them and you will be swept away.

Kangaroo Island Spirits Co-Founders Sarah and Jon Lark

A multi-faceted
love story

John and Sarah are in love: with each other, with Kangaroo Island, with ingredients, with doing things the right way, and delighting people with all of the above.

They believe you can’t craft something meaningful from easy. It’s why they’ve gone to a place that naturally sets up all kinds of challenges. Hard to get to, Kangaroo Island is a long way from the rest of the world.

But remoteness has its benefits. The wild and ruggedly beautiful island constantly provides inspiration. They use native plants and grow their own botanicals.

They placed a message in a bottle and have scored over 130 awards including the best in Australia, and yep, the best in the world.

Because when you taste something that’s true, it’s greatly appreciated.

Be swept away

Hard to get to, Kangaroo Island is a long way from the rest of the world. But once there the island is intoxicating. You can’t live your life on the surface. Go beyond it and dive into what’s real.

A visit to the cellar door will leave you swept away from the every day.

Kangaroo Island Spirits 856 Playford Hwy, Cygnet River SA 5223