Slipstream Brewing

pure flavour

Est. 2017 in Yeerongpilly, Queensland

Accessible, sessionable craft beers brewed with nothing but pure flavour in mind. They taste so good you’ll get caught in the Slipstream.

Capture that feeling. Fill the fridge with it.

Beer is the last thing you should settle on.

Slipstream Head Brewer Ian Watson and Founder Deale Stanley-Hunt

carry on the honeymoon

When Deale & Elisa Stanley-Hunt went to America on their honeymoon they knew there was no going back. They fell in love with flavoursome craft beer so much they started to make their own.

Caught in the slipstream of the greats, they teamed with Ian Watson to hero the hops. Milking them for all they’re worth, extracting the best fruity flavours and striking the perfect balance.

a sunny state of mind

A visit to Slipstream will put you in a sunnier state of mind.

It’s more than the welcoming smiles of the Stanley-Hunts. It’s the industrial setting surrounded by nature, the fresh ingredients, food trucks and great music. It’s the perfect place to enjoy a cold beer and some time together.

It’s worth it.

Slipstream Brewing 94 Wilkie St, Yeerongpilly QLD 4105