Happy International Beer Day!


Today marks one of our favourite days of the year, International Beer Day!

We’d like to take this opportunity to celebrate all of the unique and delicious beers we have in our portfolio.

From juicy, hazy beers like Ballistic’s Hawaiian Haze or Sparkke’s fruity Pale Ale, to the dark and roasty Foghorn Sligo Stout, the tart flavours of Sauce’s Peach Sauce and the sessionable hoppy varieties like Jetty Road’s Pale Ale and Slipstream’s Laguna Tropical Ale we have a beer for everyone and every occasion! Here’s a list of our must tries from each brewery, with some tasty food pairings to try with.

Jetty Road Brewery’s Blake Bowden is offering drinkers a taste of Mornington Peninsula in each can. We can’t go past their sessionable pale ale with a crisp and clean palate, underpinned by a subtle satisfying bitterness. With notes of stone fruit and melon, you don’t want to overpower this beer with big flavours, it goes perfectly with grilled fish and a salsa verde to add some zest and spice to the beer’s delicious fruit flavours.

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Foghorn Brewery are famous for their big flavour and aroma, bold new take on traditional styles and new inventions from Head Brewer Shawn Sherlock (2012 Australian Brewer of the Year). Shawn’s Sligo Stout was voted Champion Stout at the 2015 Australian Craft Beer Industry Awards. The perfect stout offers layers of dark chocolate and roast coffee character with a strong hop bite. Clean and drinkable for its size this dark and roasty stout goes perfectly with aged cheddars – bringing out the savoury, nutty notes in the cheese and highlighting chocolate notes in the beer.

Sparkke, a female founded and led for purpose alcohol company producing 100% natural, award-winning brews. Our tight, sophisticated range of vegan and/or gluten-free bevies deliver delicious diversity to the indie craft space. Sparkke’s new world pilsner is full flavour, partly owed to a tasteful dry hopping of New- Zealand grown Wai-iti and Wakatu hops giving the beer a citrusy and fruity aroma. It is light and refreshing with a creamy mouth feel. This crispy pilsner is the perfect antidote to our favourite pub meal – the classic pub parma. The bright, clean flavour cuts through the salty cheese and smoky ham of a delicious parma.

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Slipstream was inspired by a visit to the USA and influenced by some of the best breweries in the world! Their brews are balanced and hop forward. Fresh, juicy, zing and zest are all flavours you can expect from brewer Ian Watson. We cannot go past their G Force IPA has sharp grapefruit flavours with hints of pineapple, bubble gum, fruit blossoms, and apricot. Low bitterness and high drinkability. Contrast the comforting flavours of your favourite pizza with this well-balanced IPA. Citrus and pine and just a touch of bitterness play off the savoury sauce and will make the spice in a pepperoni slice pop!

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Ballistic brewery is known for their creative and experimental brewing. Exciting everyone from beer aficionados to casual drinkers, blowing away traditional ideas of what beer should taste like. Their Hawaiian Haze is a hop-driven flavour explosion that screams “DRINK ME”! Juicy aromas effortlessly overlay the fluffy mouthfeel and clean finish. Juicy pineapple overwhelms this beer, so try a sip with a baked cheesecake for something different. The bubbles will blast through the rich, sweet dessert, think of it as adding a pineapple topping.

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Sauce love creating flavoursome beers that can be enjoyed by everyone. Whether you’re a hop-head, a sour-freak, or you just like good quality, drinkable ales, we have a beer for you. Their Bubble & Squeak is consistently rated as one of Australia’s Best NEIPA’s! Overloaded with late hops, delivering a tropical delight to the senses which is hazy and low in bitterness. Grab your favourite takeout Pad Thai to go with this NEIPA. The citrus and bitterness will play well with the lemongrass and tamarind in the dish.
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